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Slafman: I don't use bandit signs anymore

In today's Philadelphia Daily News article is an interesting remark from Al Slafman:

Slafman said bandit signs were effective at first but he no longer uses them.

Really?  He could have fooled us.   It wasn't but 3 months ago that the Fishtown neighborhood was plastered with the 7 seconds" signs, but they've since dropped off after residents quickly removed them.

It's not like these signs are difficult to track, or anything.

Now in Point Breeze we're seeing a cruder design printed on card stock.   The phone number traces back to Al Slafman again, and it matches door flyers that have been seen in various neighborhoods that trace back.   While the door flyers are legal and there's not much that can be done about that, the cardstock bandit signs are no different than Coroplast and are still absolutely 100% illegal.

Al also takes issue that his personal information is posted here on BanditProject for all to see.   Well Al, if it weren't for this stack of lawsuits:

Yes, the City (and others) sued Al this many times.

... your personal information wouldn't be available for anyone to find.   Here's an idea:  If you want us to stop writing about you, then stop putting up bandit signs!   Wow that's so easy, isn't it!

If you do post bandit signs and then get upset that you're called out on here, please take this as professional advice:   snort my taint.
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19125 Bandit Sign Contest

If you live in the 19125 zip code, which includes Fishtown, parts of East Kensington and Flatiron, you have the chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire color tablet!

You know you want one
Contest Rules

Signs may be collected starting today.  Final collection of bandit signs, both paper and Coroplast, will end on the Philadelphia Annual Spring Cleanup 2012 on Saturday April 14th, 2012.   The current collection point will be at East Huntington Street & East Thompson Street, also known as "Mount Wawa" during the Spring Clean up for the Olde Richmond Civic Association (ORCA).

  • This contest is independent of the Philadelphia Spring Cleanup, NKCDC or any other civic association or organization in the contest area.  Your participation in this contest is independent of all other non-profit groups participating in the Spring Cleanup.
    • You agree to only collect signs of the following mountings:
      • Utility poles
      • Street lights
      • Trees
      • Vacant, unoccupied land
      • Highway medians
  • You shall not use a ladder or other elevation aid to remove signs.  However, you may enlist the aid of poles or other utensils to dislodge signs affixed to utility poles.
  • You agree to not enter any occupied property for the purposes of collecting signs without the owner's permission.
  • Do wear heavy gloves and eye protection when removing signs with heavy nails!
Contest Entry

Contest entrants will present their signs at the assigned collection point at the corner of Huntingdon and Thompson street (behind Wawa) on the contest date (April 14, 2012 starting at 12:00PM noon).   Entries will continue to be accepted at this location until the ORCA cleanup ends.
Each contestant should submit their bundles of signs to be tallied and submit their name.  Points will be awarded at the collection site.

Winners will be announced at PBC Brewery and prizes awarded during the Spring Cleanup celebration!


  1. First Place: 
  2. Second Place:  $75
  3. Third Place: $50
  4. Fourth Place:  $25
Points for Coroplast signs:  5 pts
Points for paper-based signs:  2 pts
For any questions concerning the contest, please contact The Bandit Project at
Liability Stuff
As a participant ("Participant") in The 19125 Bandit Sign Contest ("Contest"), YOU HEREBY ASSUME ALL RISKS INVOLVED IN PARTICIPATION IN THE CONTEST.
PARTICIPANT HEREBY RELEASES, WAIVES, DISCHARGES AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE participants, promoters, sanctioning organization or any subdivision thereof, owners and leasees of the premises used to conduct said events, and each of them, all for the purposes herein referred to as ‘releasees’ from all liability to the undersigned, his/her personal representatives, assignees, heirs, and next of kin for any loss or damage on account of injury to person (including death) or property.
PARTICIPANT HEREBY AGREE TO INDEMNIFY, SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS the releasees, and each of them, from any loss, liability, damage or cost they may incur due the presence of the undersigned in anyway while participating in any event and whether caused by the negligence of releasees or otherwise for losses, damages (including attorney's fees) which may be brought against me or against any of them by anyone claiming to be injured (including death) as a result of any injury caused by participant or injury to participant or the claimant's property which may occur as a result of Participant's participation.
PARTICIPANT EXPRESSLY AGREES that the foregoing release, waiver and indemnity agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in which the event is conducted and that if any portion thereof is held invalid it is agreed that the balance shall continue in full force and effect.
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Why does City Council Want to Aid and Abet a Known Federal Ex-Con?

The #1 bandit sign on our site, owned by Lenny Trexler, is turning out to be interesting for a new reason.

A recent search on PACER has revealed that a Mr. Leonard Trexler was convicted by a FEDERAL court in 2003 for running an illegal chop shop operation.

Is Lenny's current operation, the $250 vehicle recovery business, valid?   One must be licensed to be a tow operator in Philadelphia.   We have no way of finding out who is a valid tow operator, those are searches only the Parking Authority or L&I can do.  YES, you really do need a Philadelphia Tow License to tow cars in Philadelphia.

What we do know is that we are sick of his bandit signs.

It's sad that City Council Bill 120017 is designed to aid and abet a Federal ex-con.   Really sad.    Maybe City Council should just drop this bill when it gets the chance at the next session in Room 400? 

If you are tired of bandit signs in your neighborhood, please support us and sign the petition to ask City Hall to vote NO or withdraw Bill No. 120017 which seeks to legalize bandit signs in Philadelphia.
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Slafman Sheriff Sales

How in the world does Slafman make money?

According to the Sheriff's Office, 3 of Slafman's properties are headed into Sheriff's Sale over mortgage foreclosure on January 4, 2012.  

The three properties:

509 W. Thompson St.
2415 Madison Sq. a/k/a 2415 Webster St.
6909 Cedar Park Ave.

This is an ongoing thread about the Slafman Saga.  It started with his bandit sign, it's now ballooned into a larger affair: a shoddy real-estate empire that crisscrosses Philadelphia.
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Slafman Documents Arrive

Hope everyone had a thankful Thanksgiving.

Just to let you know, the package of documents covering the "Slafman Estates" arrived at both the PA Attorney General's Office and the Philadelphia City Controller's Offices on November 22nd.

But in the spirit of the Holidays, we're going to start the clock on Monday, December 5th, for both offices to review the packages that were sent.  If we receive any response from either office we will publish it.


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Site changes

Earlier at the group meeting for The Bandit Sign Project we:

- Approved our mission statement for the Project
- The official name of this volunteer group is now called The Bandit Sign Project
- We started formalizing some of our organizing/outreach efforts

Site changes:
- A "lost revenue" counter is being considered to be added to the front page of
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Tons of new signs!!!

Well, the election may be over, but our sign database is overflowing with new submissions!

Keep reporting new signage in your neighborhood.   As we get leads and identify some of these new signs, be sure to check back to see if we've located who your particular signs belong to!
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ORCA / FNA / EKNA Neighborhood Cleanup Tomorrow, Sat Oct 22

This Saturday there will a neighborhood wide cleanup!

After the cleanup there will be a BBQ hosted by Philadelphia Brewing Company. Show up for the cleanup, stay for the free beer!

Here are the various meeting places around the hood:
ORCA - Huntington and Aramingo Ave
FNA - Fishtown Rec Center (1202 E. Montgomery Ave)
EKNA - York and Coral
or meet at the NKCDC Garden Center at 1825 for the Frankford Ave cleanup.

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Tacony Civic Meeting - November 9th 7PM

Yours truly will be making an appearance at the Tacony Civic meeting (Disston Rec Center).  I will pass out information on what BP is all about, why it makes sense to report sign complaints to BP vs. 3-1-1 and who presently at the City of Philadelphia is responsible for bandit sign collection.

Included will be a walk-through of how to report a sign, whether to leave signs up or take them down, and what the BP database intends to do in the future.
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Recent Signs

Trophy Bikes Fall Sale...
Walnut St and S 32nd St
(215) 278-1161
Junk Cars
Orthodox St and Leiper St
(267) 229-1970
Junk Cars
W Queen Ln and Greene St
(215) 475-8726
General Construction / Contractors
W Queen Ln and Greene St
(267) 269-5349
W Queen Ln and Greene St

Worst Offenders

(267) 229-1970
Junk Cars
W Queen Ln and Greene St
(215) 740-6116
Junk Cars
Garland St and Tabor Rd
(267) 622-5996
Junk Cars
Levick St and Oxford Ave
(267) 601-4040
Junk Cars
E Howell St and Langdon St
(215) 278-1161
Junk Cars
Orthodox St and Leiper St
(215) 526-3740
Junk Cars
Whitaker Ave and E Godfrey Ave
(215) 207-5847
Junk Cars
E Cayuga St and Castor Ave
(267) 444-1503
Junk Cars
E Fisher Ave and A St
(215) 550-4000
We Buy Houses
Rising Sun Ave and E Godfrey Ave
(267) 598-4523
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