The Bandit Sign Project is a city-wide coalition of community organizations and concerned individuals committed to the eradication of the blight of illegal signage in Philadelphia.

We appeal to those who put up illegal signs to please respect our neighborhoods and stop littering our streets with advertising.

We expect our city agencies and elected officials to enforce all Philadelphia ordinances that prohibit unpermitted signs in our neighborhoods.


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An online petition drive has started against City Council Bill 120017 which legalizes bandit signs across Philadelphia.


If you need help getting the word out with a community flyer, you can download one here.

Published: 2/21/2012  
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It looks like the mayor of Houston is pretty pissed about the amount of bandit signs plaguing her city.  

"This is about quality of life in our city. This is about visual pollution, and this is about someone trampling on the public right of way and intruding in the public space. And it is about tax dollars - $450,000 a year to deal with illegally placed signs," Parker said during a news conference following Wednesday's City Council meeting.

We can't blame her one bit.

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We like smartphones just like the other 180 million people in the country who are slaves to them.   They make life easier and entertaining.   Let's face it, who doesn't pull out their smartphone and try to amuse themselves while waiting in line for an hour at PennDOT?  One thing smartphones do well though, is allow you to report information out in the field, without being chained to a wall or a desk.   And bandit signs are out in the environment, not in our homes.    So, we need a smartphone app.  And we definitely need to have volunteers testing it soon before winter rolls in and working perfectly in time for the Philly Spring Cleanup.

Just about everyone in Philadelphia looks like this 

To make the reporting process as quick as possible, in 20 seconds or less, the process works like this:

1. Point the phone at the sign and snap a photo
2. Press what category the sign is with your finger (We Buy Houses, Junk Cars, etc)
3. If there's a phone number on the sign, kick the digits.
4. Push "Send".   Boom.  Done.

For those of us who may be OCD, some extra options:
1. Send comments along with the photo if you want
2. Ask for a push notification on the sign you are reporting (requires registration), if you want to know later if we found out who owns the sign
3. Also send the sign to 3-1-1 and automatically open a ticket to 3-1-1 (requires registration).

If you have any suggestions for the smartphone version of banditProject, be sure to send a comment.

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We aren't the only ones

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This year the New Orleans city council passed a sign ordinance similar to Philadelphia's 10-1200 law.

A group calling itself NOLA T.O.S.S. is now attacking this blight in the Crescent City.  They even have a Hall of Shame like the one BanditProject has begun.   Neat!!!

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Recent Signs

Trophy Bikes Fall Sale...
Walnut St and S 32nd St
(215) 278-1161
Junk Cars
Orthodox St and Leiper St
(267) 229-1970
Junk Cars
W Queen Ln and Greene St
(215) 475-8726
General Construction / Contractors
W Queen Ln and Greene St
(267) 269-5349
W Queen Ln and Greene St

Worst Offenders

(267) 229-1970
Junk Cars
W Queen Ln and Greene St
(215) 740-6116
Junk Cars
Garland St and Tabor Rd
(267) 622-5996
Junk Cars
Levick St and Oxford Ave
(267) 601-4040
Junk Cars
E Howell St and Langdon St
(215) 278-1161
Junk Cars
Orthodox St and Leiper St
(215) 526-3740
Junk Cars
Whitaker Ave and E Godfrey Ave
(215) 207-5847
Junk Cars
E Cayuga St and Castor Ave
(267) 444-1503
Junk Cars
E Fisher Ave and A St
(215) 550-4000
We Buy Houses
Rising Sun Ave and E Godfrey Ave
(267) 598-4523
Junk Cars